10 annoying things about Hip Hop Jams in London 2009


-You are unlikely to hear a song less than 5 years old. Apart from Q-Tip’s new record of course.

-Conversations such as the following:

Genuinely nice guy: So how you hear about this night?
Pretentious “scene” girl : I booked Benji B
Confused genuinely nice guy: So… you booked him for this night?
Pretentious “scene” girl: No. But I booked him once.
Genuinely nice guy: Well Done.

– Chubby Mixed race girls with big hair. So much potential… yet so unattractive.

– People going mad when Dead Prez “Hip-Hop” is played. We get it. You love Hip-hop. We at a hip-hop night too.

– People squealing all surpised when “Award Tour” or “Electric relaxation” drops. Didn’t you already play it twice in the house before leaving for the club? Did you not just hear the whole Q-tip album being played. TWICE?!??!

– Wankers who don’t dance because they claim the DJ is “anthem Bashing”.

– Beautiful women who rush to the dancefloor when A-cyde drops some 808’s Kanye but quickly disappear when it’s followed up with M.O.P’s “How about some hardcore”.

– Wordy Internet blog/ Facebook “press releases”. (especially those proclaiming non pretentiousness, written by “scene” girl types – see above)

– Dubstep.

– It’s probably in Fucking Shoreditch.

Chima “Fucking” Anya


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8 Responses to “10 annoying things about Hip Hop Jams in London 2009”

  1. Alexander Says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! It’s true!!!! Everywhere I’ve gone they’ve played Q-Tip, totally ignoring Replife, Guilty Simpson, Black Milk, Heltah Skeltah, anything by the Hieroglyphics crew (save ’93 ’til Infinity’) Pharoahe Monch (except for bloody ‘Simon says’), The Procussions, One Be Lo, and so on. Dead Prez’ ‘Hip-hop’ is such an RnB night tune to say that they DID play some hip-hop on the night. Heads are scared to dance to what they haven’t heard before too, I’ve done it myself sometimes.

    Dubstep? What part of the game is that?!!!??!

  2. Chima Anya Says:

    You’re fucking right man so much dope shit thats gets overlooked by the narrow minded “heads” driving the scene… don’t get me wrong I love the Dilla Groove but these mans is STUCK ON IT.

    and that point about Dead Prez “Hiphop” is an RnB night tune is so true. hahahaha word the kcuff up

    “Dubstep – what part of the game is that”


  3. Isyss : ThelyricalityCollective Says:

    so true but its mostly the backpackers that annoy me. I see sense in a fellow hip-hoper maybe bringing in his stuff/mixtape/album to promote in a normal size bag, but when they are with some hiking trip size backpack and carlessly bashing tru the crowds as if it aint there it annoys me.

    so yeah

    – Oversize backpackers seemingly trying to demonstrate their underground hip hop authenticity

  4. Aruba Red Says:

    Were you at Plastic People last night lol..? Sounds like a perfect description…8 Kanye tracks later i was thinkin come on dude but when MK dropped TPain i was outa there ;p

  5. Libel Says:

    lack of women

  6. Reed Says:

    Hip Hop is sh@t!!!
    Definitely agree with Libel, massive lack of women….!!

  7. rellativity Says:

    bruv, start your own night! you’ve found a niche. can’t guarantee if it’ll keep out the chubsters or scenesters though…..haha

  8. Cro Says:

    Amen bro, you know you don’t get that ish with me, but then again Brums hip-hop scenes hardly healthy right now!

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