My man was so inspired by this track he made me this video. How sweet. hahahaha.

Incendiary though, I’d just like to point out this is ARTISTIC LICENSE I DO NOT PROMOTE GUN CRIME IN THE SLIGHTEST IN FACT I ABHOR IT.

unless it is used to prevent M.I.A from “rapping”.

And to the M.I.A stans/ haters yes yes yes I am a bitter jealous unsuccessful rapper. haha


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2 Responses to “UK ASSASSIN STALKS M.I.A”

  1. Neil Kisserli Says:

    Ha! This track is funny stuff Chima. You’ve made me re-assess an artist i used to quite like!

  2. starmusicmoe Says:


    I really Enjoyed listening to your amazing slumdog millionaire track:

    you are the besttttt

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