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February 12, 2009

My man was so inspired by this track he made me this video. How sweet. hahahaha.

Incendiary though, I’d just like to point out this is ARTISTIC LICENSE I DO NOT PROMOTE GUN CRIME IN THE SLIGHTEST IN FACT I ABHOR IT.

unless it is used to prevent M.I.A from “rapping”.

And to the M.I.A stans/ haters yes yes yes I am a bitter jealous unsuccessful rapper. haha


Charles Hamilton – Scorpion

February 10, 2009

He kinda reminds me of me a couple of years ago, the shit with rhymefest is crazy (fest flopped himself though that diss track was cringeworthy) but on the real I’m feeling this track pretty hard, that D’angelo sample is ill and the lyrics is crazy.

This is off his concept mixtape about linking chicks, he got a track on there that looks like the concept might be similar to a tune I’m getting ready to drop this summer – REMEMBER WHO CHAMPIONED THAT SHIT THIS ENTRY SERVES AS A LEGAL DOCUMENT THAT I WAS THE FIRST.


February 6, 2009

Next track off my upcoming mixtape. The beat is by “Trick Platform” – Samiyam